Epoxy Wood River Tables

Custom made live edge wood and epoxy resin desk and table tops.

Available with or without  stand or legs.

Custom order only.

Please contact us for details.


This spectacular spalted maple and epoxy resin desk top is built on a “Standing Desk” frame that moves up and down to allow the user to change the work height for sitting and standing or anything in between.

The stand has a height range from 24 inches (60 cm) to 50 inches (125 cm).

The top as shown is approximately 54 inches (135 cm) wide, 30 inches (75 cm) deep and 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick.

This desk is available as a custom order either as an entire desk structure or as a desk or table top only.

Also shown is a coffee table top made from Canadian black walnut and cobalt blue epoxy resin; a good example of the variety of wood species available.

Prices will be determined based on wood species, size, desk base (if included), etc.

Please contact us for options and pricing.


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